Roasted Vegetable Lettuce Wraps

Roasted Vegetable Lettuce Wraps.  This delicious light and refreshing dish can be ready to eat in less than thirty minutes.  This recipe is so very simple.  Take frozen harvest vegetables, toss with olive oil and spices, roast on the grill for 15-20 minutes. That is it–assemble your lettuce wraps, and drizzle the yummy Lemon Garlic Cashew Creme for tangy flavor and enjoy.  Vegan, gluten free, dairy free.

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Maple Coconut Risotto Pudding

Maple Coconut Risotto Pudding.  This Instant Pot dessert, is quick, easy, requires few ingredients, and is incredibly smooth and delicious.  Toss all of the ingredients into the Instant Pot, pressure cook for 20 minutes, and you have a slightly sweet, creamy dessert that will please the crowd.  Vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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Berry Chocolate Pizza

Berry Chocolate Pizza is the best combination of good foods!  Pizza, berries and chocolate–how yum is that?  Starting with a soft and fluffy gluten free crust, top with strawberry tofu cream.  Take banana slices, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries and top pizza.  Sprinkle chopped chocolate chips for the creamy chocolate flavor.  The result?  An amazing pizza pie, with fresh fruity nutrition and chocolate that tastes like dessert.  Believe it–this pizza is vegan, gluten free and dairy free and you will not be able to quit it.

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Rainbow Spring Rolls

Rainbow Spring Rolls. Summer is coming, and we want something cool and fresh to eat.  A quick trip to the Farmer’s Market, and you are all set to whip up these spring rolls in less than 30 minutes.  We used red pepper, cucumber, avocado, mango, carrots, green onions and purple cabbage, but these spring rolls are so versatile–whatever fruits and vegetables you have available can be added to change up the flavor.   Paired with almond cilantro dipping sauce, this is  a perfect summer lunch, dinner or snack.  Of course, they are completely gluten free, dairy free and vegan.

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Fabulous Mantle Wall Decor

You too can have fabulous mantle wall decor on a budget.  The overall theme of this website is green, and in addition to healthy food, we also focus on decor on a budget by recycling, reusing and re-purposing.
Do you know what is more fun than anything else?  Spending the day at Goodwill, thrift shops, flea markets, looking for bargains, and cool stuff.  I always find a treasure trove at these stores–someone else’s rejects can find a new home and purpose in my decorating.  When you shop at bargain stores like this, you can afford to mix it up and change it up as often as you are in the mood.  Here, I have a fireplace with a large wall above it that I wanted to dress up and make it the focal point in the room.  For about $50, I got this bright, colorful, vibrant look that I love.  Using the template for ideas, you too, can create something that you love.

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