Strawberry Chai Smoothie

I love chai tea, and wanted to take that unique chai flavor and integrate it into other drinks.  This Strawberry Chai Smoothie combines fresh seasonal strawberries, vegan cashew yogurt, nut milk and a combination of spices that create that yummy chai flavor.   Light and fresh.

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Zoodles With Avocado Basil Pesto

I have to admit, whenever a get a new kitchen toy, I make all the things that I can with it. My newest gadget is the Veggie Bullet.  (Not sponsored, just use it and like it).  It makes zoodles, and more zoodles quickly, and as you know, zoodle gadgets aren’t always easy to use.  Using zucchini and yellow squash, I made this Zoodles With Avocado Basil Pesto dish for lunch.  The secret to the great flavor in this dish is the Pesto–see if you agree.

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Rice Noodle Stir Fry With Chili Coconut Cream

Rice noodles are a great addition to the menu when you are gluten free, and just want some noodles.  Tossed with cabbage, carrots, garlic and green onions, it is a filling and tasty dish when you top with  chili coconut cream.

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Rainbow Vegetable Buddha Bowl

This is a Buddha Bowl with all the colors of the rainbow and colorful foods usually mean nutritious foods.  The great thing about Buddha Bowls, is that you can create them with the ingredients that you have on hand, making it a simple dinner solution every day of the week.

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