Berry Chocolate Pizza

Berry Chocolate Pizza is the best combination of good foods!  Pizza, berries and chocolate–how yum is that?  Starting with a soft and fluffy gluten free crust, top with strawberry tofu cream.  Take banana slices, strawberries, blackberries and blueberries and top pizza.  Sprinkle chopped chocolate chips for the creamy chocolate flavor.  The result?  An amazing pizza pie, with fresh fruity nutrition and chocolate that tastes like dessert.  Believe it–this pizza is vegan, gluten free and dairy free and you will not be able to quit it.

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Black Bean Brownie Cake

Black Bean Brownie Cake.  Just a little pan, just a little chocolate, just a little sweetness. This mini flourless cake is perfect for a treat any time of the day.  Black beans as the base for your brownies packs fiber and protein into a dessert, and the flavor is gooey good chocolate.  Yummy plus good is a great combination–who knew that dessert could have some nutritional value?   These brownies are vegan, gluten free and diary free, and are ready in 45 minutes.  Delish!

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Vegan Blondies

Vegan Blondies.  Traditional blondies are brownie like and this dessert hits that sweet tooth spot without all the sugar and butter of the traditional treat. With only a few ingredients, they have a light maple flavor and added fiber from white beans.  Yes, white beans!  Ready in 30 minutes and definitely satisfying and delicious.  Vegan, gluten free and dairy free.

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