Banana Blueberry NiceCream Sundae

Banana Blueberry Nicecream Sundae.  Yes, hot summer days call for ice cream, but for vegans, gluten and dairy free peeps, the challenge lies in finding great ice cream that is totally satisfying, and yet healthy. The good news is, it is no longer necessary to operate a complicated ice cream machine to have great dessert–I made this nicecream with the Dessert Bullet in five minutes.  With just frozen fruit, you can create a super healthy dessert without any added sugar, preservatives or chemicals. On a hot summer day, this gadget is a must!

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10 Minute Jewels DIY



If I was stranded on a desert island, the only three stores that I would need would be Home Depot, Michael’s (Crafts) and Barnes and Noble.  I love making both useless and useful things from goodies that I find at the craft store and could entertain myself for years with all the projects that I find there.  This week, it is the jewelry aisle .  I really don’t like spending a lot of money on jewelry, especially when most of my wardrobe these days is casual.  I have found that you can create trendy jewelry at home and have a lot of fun.  Of course, when I see the choices, I must make something in every color


Quinoa Chipotle Burger

If you are craving a burger, and want to try something that is new and completely fulfilling,  you must give quinoa burgers a shot.  The quinoa, beans, chia and flax seed pack an abundance of protein and fiber,  as well as other nutrients.  The chipotle seasoning and sauce give the burger a tangy hot and spicy flavor that will make you forget that it is so healthy.  To keep it gluten free, we added grilled portobello mushrooms for the bun, and built our burger with  avocado and carmelized onions.  Yum, is all I can say, but judge for yourself.  Read more…