Quinoa Potato Corn Scramble With Grilled Pepper Chile Sauce

This Quinoa Potato Corn Scramble with Grilled Pepper Chile Sauce is ready and on your table in 30 minutes.  The secret of this dish is that it is all about the sauce.  It doesn’t matter what vegetables you have on hand, this pepper chile sauce will dress up,  and spice up your scramble.  This recipe starts with ingredients  that every kitchen has on hand.  This includes potatoes, onions, garlic, corn and quinoa/rice.  These vegetables and grains are scrambled together and topped with homemade grilled pepper chile sauce. Dinner is done!

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Tofu Cauliflower Kale Tacos With Lemon Mint Creme

It is Taco Tuesday, and as far as I am concerned, everyday can be  Taco Tuesday.  Corn tortillas are the one thing that those on a gluten free diet can eat without feeling like they have resorted to an inadequate substitute for the gluten version.  Genuine tacos are made with corn tortillas, so there is no deprivation or sacrifice involved.  This vegan version of Tofu Cauliflower Kale Tacos with marinated tofu, cauliflower, kale and peppers is  light and healthy and the tangy lemon mint crème, makes them feel like a treat.  If you enjoy a lower carbohydrate meal, you can serve the stirfy topped with the lemon mint crème, without the tortillas.

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Quinoa Chipotle Burger

If you are craving a burger, and want to try something that is new and completely fulfilling,  you must give quinoa burgers a shot.  The quinoa, beans, chia and flax seed pack an abundance of protein and fiber,  as well as other nutrients.  The chipotle seasoning and sauce give the burger a tangy hot and spicy flavor that will make you forget that it is so healthy.  To keep it gluten free, we added grilled portobello mushrooms for the bun, and built our burger with  avocado and carmelized onions.  Yum, is all I can say, but judge for yourself.  Read more…