10 Minute Jewels

 If you have your design, this literally can be done in 10 minutes. First, make your selection from the row of eye candy at Michael’s, or your local craft store.  I loved this blue stone, partially because sapphire is my birthstone, and also because this reminded me of angel wings.  After you decide on the length you want, purchase the appropriate number of bead strands.  To wear as a choker as shown above, my length is 15″.   This can also be worn as a single strand necklace or even as a bracelet if you feel like change.
If you are going to add a pendant to hang down from your beads,( like the queen design above,) you also have much to chose from.  Below are some of the beads and pendants that I have purchased for later jewel making.
 The secret to this quick jewelry making is the Stretch Magic Bead and Jewelry Cord.  This is really magic. .  Here is the real deal– I don’t like wasting the whole 5 seconds that it takes to do a clasp on jewelry.  There, I said it.   You don’t have to attach clasps or chains because you just stretch the necklace or (bracelet) to put it on. This Stretch Magic is perfect for kids, old people or lazy people.
 Directions:   make and measure your design, cut your Stretch Magic Cord for the length 0f your necklace,  plus 2″ for tying knots,  thread your beads, tie several knots at the end, trim the excess cord above the knots and voila, you have a great jewelry design.  Hope you love it as much as I do:)



Green flower